Abide PGR 2.5 GL



Abide aims to produce compact, marketable plants with dark foliage, high chlorophyll content and thick leaves. Containing ancymidol, Abide reduces height by limiting internode elongation through inhibition of gibberellins biosynthesis. Use in foliar sprays or soil drenches on container-grown ornamentals, foliage plants and bedding plants. It is available in quarts, 2.5 gallons and 30-gallon drums.

Same active ingredient & concentration as A-Rest PGR
Can be applied either as a foliar spray or as a soil drench
Effective on a wide variety of container-grown ornamentals, foliage AbideTM plants and bedding plants; including: bedding plant plugs, bulbs, Easter lilies, poinsettias, chrysanthemums and foliage plants.
AbideTM is more forgiving of applicator errors compared to some other plant growth regulators
Formulation: 0.0264% Soluble Concentrate.

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in


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