Adept 25W 1 Pound (16 X 1 oz)




Adept REI=12 hours, Caution Signal Word. Adept insecticide is an effective insect growth regulator for the control of fungus gnat larvae, shore flies, and foliar feeding pests on ornamental crops grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, and interiorscapes. The Primary mode of action is by disrupting cuticle formation and deposition occurring when inesct larvae change form one developmental stage to the next (molting). Studies show that larvae are unable to break the egg shells so they are unable to hatch or die soon after hatching. Adept may be applied as a sprench or drench. Fungus gnats/shore flies: Initial knockdown will typically take between 3-5 days. After that period, a number of emerging adults may lay eggs, but any new soil infesting larvae will be contolled for 30 to 60 days. Use 2 ounces/100 gallons. Apply as a coarse spray (sprench). Drench rate is 1 oz/100 gallons apply using label specific drench volumes, i.e 6 fl oz/6 inch pot. Foliar feeding insects use 4-8 oz/100 gallons of water. Tank mixing is permitted with Adept. An example of a tank mix partner is the sprayble pyrethroid Decathlon Insecticide. This program would offer fast insect knockdown and provide long term insect control. Use Decathlon at 1.9 oz/100 gallons with Adept.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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