ADORN Fungicide 1 Qt




Adorn Fungicide is formulated as a 4 lb ai/gal suspendable concentrate (SC). The active ingredient in Adorn Fungicide is fluopicolide, which exhibits protective, curative, eradicative and antisporulant
activity. Fluopicolideis locally systemic,translaminar and also moves systemically through xylem tissue.
Adorn Fungicide is most effective when applied in a regularly scheduledsprayprogramandusedincombination or rotation with other effective fungicides that have a different mode of action (i.e., non Group
43 fungicides).
Adorn Fungicide must be tank mixed for resistance management, with another product that is registered foruseagainstthediseases listedonthis label.Adorn Fungicide must be mixed with products containing one of the following active ingredients or other products registered for use againstthe target disease:
• chlorothalonil
• mancozeb
• propamocarb
• azoxystrobin
• fosetyl-Al
• mefenoxam
• metalaxyl
• etridiazole

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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