AKARI 5SC Miticide 1 QT


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The SePRO Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide provides excellent control of spider mites on greenhouse ornamental floral and foliage. It offers fast knockdown against all developmental stages of mites, with main activity on larvae, nymphs and adults. Prior to knockdown and death, mites treated with Akari become paralyzed on the leaf or while spinning down from the plant using their webbing. This property provides stop-feeding activity which is a big advantage for minimizing crop damage. Other than that, paralyzing action also prevents egg-laying. A good evaluation of performance can generally be made 4 to 7 days after treatment. Akari 5SC is relatively gentle to natural enemies and beneficial insects. When applied at labeled rates, the product provides 21 to 28 days of residual control. Akari 5SC should be used only in a rotational miticides program and not in successive applications in the same greenhouse. Akari 2SC is not registered for use in all states. Check to be sure if a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Contact your local state agency for more information

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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