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The leading ornamental plant growth regulator (PGR) in the industry, Bonzi® keeps plants uniformly compact, hardy, and looking their best. It results in one consistent crop after another, with well-proportioned plants achieving identically ideal form and color. And now Bonzi is a part of the already outstanding Syngenta product portfolio, complementing products such as Avid®, Subdue MAXX®, and Medallion® in helping to ensure the most robust plants. It’s the same Bonzi PGR you have known for years, with the added benefit of being offered by Syngenta, an industry leader that is the original and current registrant and manufacturer of Bonzi.

Bonzi helps you produce plants that are more attractive and marketable, bringing out the full beauty of ornamentals by keeping them compact. Through the use of Bonzi at optimal application rates, you can maximize your consistency in plant production and help plants maintain their peak beauty.Product Highlights:

The industry’s leading PGR
Consistenly excellent results
Controlled growth for greater profits
Less apical dominance
Tolerance to drought and transport stress and less breakage during handling
There are several variables that will come into play as you determine the ideal rate for each application.Temperature growers in warmer climates will need to use higher rates and/or more applications compared to those in cooler climates. Also, the
time of year is a factor, as well.

Cultural practices, size of pots, fertilizer levels, and organic content of growing media may affect rates needed.

Different varieties or cultivars varying growth characteristics will need to be considered when applying to each variety/cultivar.

Because these variables need to be considered on a situational basis, it is essential that you conduct trials on a small number of plants, before you apply Bonzi to a large number of plants. For these trials, consult the product label for recommended rates for specific plants that are to be treated, and conduct initial trials using the lowest recommended rates.

Mode of Action

A distinctive quality feature of Bonzi is that it has multiple sites of uptake. While a small amount may be taken through leaves, it is primarily absorbed through the stems and roots, where it is then dispersed through the xylem. It then moves to the terminals, inhibiting gibberelin biosynthesis and thereby reducing internode stretch.

The shortening of these internodes is the result of smaller, more compact cells. This in turn results in more compact growth.

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in


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