Bov-A-Mura 2.5 Gl




BOV-A-MURA is a nutrient supplement made by a patented process which converts dairy manure to a soluble, consistent, easy-to-use spray formulation.

Bov-A-Mura® is made from manure from selected dairy farms which is filtered, blended and stabilized into a uniform solution. Bov-A-Mura is then treated to make it acceptable for use on fine turfgrasses.

Bov-A-Mura has been used on the finest championship golf courses, race tracks, football fields, sports fields, grass tennis courts and other fine turf areas in the United States and Europe for many years. Many professional turf manager s have found that Bov-A-Mura filled a need in their turfcare programs.


Promotes root growth
Produces dense hard-wearing turf
Supports the development of soil microorganisms
Speeds up “knitting down” new sod
Assists establishment of newly seeded, plugged or sprigged turfgrass
Transforms “locked-up” nutrients to useable plant food
Absorbed through roots and leaves

Use Rates

1/3 gal per 1,000 square feet

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in


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