Growth Products’ Companion Biological Fungicide is a great tool for making sure your plants are always at their best. Thanks to American Hydroponics, it is now available to the Hydroponics Industry!

Companion is an all natural microbial inoculant that can be used in soil or hydroponics. Each ounce of this 100% natural liquid contains a staggering 43 million beneficial Bacillus subtilis GB03 bacteria. Once they ‘set up shop,’ these amazing microorganisms also help reduce transplant shock, stimulate root growth, and make nutrients more available for plant uptake.

No matter where you are in the growing cycle, it is critical to keep your plants their healthiest. Besides looking better, healthy plants are more able to take up and utilize critical nutrients. Your plants will be stronger and more able to resist pests, disease, and other stresses.

Perhaps you grow your flowers and vegetables inside a greenhouse, or maybe your vegetables are of the field-grown variety. Whatever the case, Companion is easy-to-use and perfect for all types of crops.

· Fights a broad range of disease

· Highly concentrated, little is needed to make a big difference

· Produces a more vigorous root system

· Increases crop yield

· Injects through even the smallest tubing with no clogging

· Can be used from seed to harvest

· Compatible with all fertilizer programs, even other beneficial bacterias!

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in


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