Concise PGR 1 gallon





Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

FOR USE IN: COMMERCIAL GREENHOUSES, GLASSHOUSES, LATHHOUSES AND SHADE STRUCTURES (WHERE PLANTS ARE GROWN IN CONTAINERS) CONCISE is an effective growth retardant on a broad variety of ornamental crops . CONCISE reduces plant height by limiting internode elongation through inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis . Application produces more desirable, compact and marketable

plants . CONCISE has been shown to increase the quality of plants even in the absence of noticeable growth reduction . These desirable qualities include darker colors, higher chlorophyll content, greater leaf thickness, stronger stems, increased water retention

and, at times, increased flower number and size .

Plant response to CONCISE is strongly influenced by cultural and environmental variables . Growing media, water/fertilizer management, temperature, light, greenhouse composition, and other cultural practices impact plant response . Plant size, container size and cultivar or variety can also affect height .

First time users of CONCISE should treat a limited number of plants at the lowest recommended rate, observe plant responses and make rate adjustments accordingly. Sequential applications at lower rates may be necessary to obtain an optimum result.

Decisions regarding application rates of CONCISE may be made using the Graphical tracking techniques developed at Michigan State University . Graphical tracking is a grower management tool which, over time, compares actual plant height or development

with desired plant height or development . Graphical tracking plots plant height graphically, once or twice a week, and enables height control decisions after comparing actual and target plant height.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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