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Complete coverage and efficient disease control because Copper-Count®-N is a fungicide-bactericide in a true solution (liquid). It has the smallest particle size of any fungicide. Copper-Count®-N will pass through anything that pure water will penetrate, making for the ideal spray. There is no wettable powder or slurry to mix and no loss due to wind or adherence to the container, and no nozzle clogging or excessive pump wear. It covers with a micro-thin, membrane-like film.

No known disease resistance to Copper-Count®-Nsimply because none has ever shown up on the crops for which Copper-Count®-N is labeled.

No waste from season-to-season because there are no solids to settle or set-up in Copper-Count®-N. Freezing does not affect the product and if the container is kept closed, evaporation does not occur.

Ideal for aerial application because Copper-Count®-N can be applied any time of day, may be combined with most insecticides, and does not cause pilot irritation. Of great importance is the fact that Copper-Count®-N is a NO FIRE HAZARD product.

No wash-off because, once dry, Copper-Count®-N has an extremely high resistance to wash-off from rain or irrigation, much more so than wettable powders. This clinging quality decreases the need for repeat applications.

Longer lasting foliar protection because Copper-Count®-N is chemically stable and protects foliage longer than organic fungicides. There is no known fungus resistance to Copper-Count®-N and no residue or time limit restriction. Therefore you do not have to delay harvest.

Lower total costs and higher profits are the benefit of using Copper-Count®-N.

Copper-Count®-N is a dark blue aqueous complex of copper and ammonia with various additives that gives outstanding performance when used as an agricultural fungicide.

Active Ingredients:

Copper, as metallic…….8.0%

Inert Ingredients………..92.0%

E.P.A. Registration No. 10465-3

Water Rates for Copper-Count®-N
Use enough water for complete coverage. The amount of water per acre depends on the crop and spray equipment; refer to each crop recommendation by State Agricultural Extension Service. With ground equipment, rates of from 10 to 150 gallons of water per acre should be used. With aircraft, use at least 3 gallons of water per acre ( 5 gallons of water per acre will give even better coverage). When lower volumes are used, a higher pressure increases effectiveness. Correct nozzle arrangement, spacing, orifice size and pressure are required for adequate coverage. Frequent inspections should be made to make certain that coverage is complete. Copper-Count®-N can be used in high and low volume spray.

Ground Application

DILUTE Spraying: Apply specified rate in 10 to 60 gallons of water per acre.

Orchard Spraying: Apply specified rate in 100 to 800 gallons of water per acre (see Crop Recommendation for exceptions).

CONCENTRATE Spraying: Apply specified rate in not less than 5 gallons of water per acre.

Orchard Spraying: Apply specified rate in 20 to 100 gallons of water per acre. Special concentrate spray equipment is necessary for this use.

Air Application
Apply specified rate in at least 3 gallons of water. 5 to 20 gallons of water will give better coverage.

Orchard and Citrus Spraying: Apply in 5 to 20 gallons of water.

Directions and tips for most effective use of CopperCount®-N 
Rinse equipment with water to assure cleanliness. Mix insecticides and other compatible products thoroughly with water BEFORE adding Copper-Count®-N. Add Copper-Count®-N last, with agitation during mixing and application, until the tank is empty. Good by-pass agitation is adequate. Observe all cautions and limitations on labeling of all products used in mixtures. Addition of concentrate products to water without agitation should be avoided. (Avoid adding several concentrated products on top of one another without agitation.)

Use a ‘jar compatibility test’ BEFORE mixing any products of unfamiliar compatibility with CopperCount®-N. Observe for 15 minutes, then again several hours later. If any separations occur, make sure they re-disperse easily with stirring, so that they can pass through a fine mesh household strainer.

If agitation cannot be provided while tank mixing, dilute each product with water before adding to the mix. Add Copper-Count®-N (also dilute with water) to mix last. With concentrate sprays, pre-mix in a clean container, add to spray tank through a strainer as the tank is being filled.

When pumps are being used to transfer concentrate products, flush the pump with water after pumping each product, assuring clean pumps and lines and the proper mixing of dilute products, not concentrates.

DO NOT MIX COPPER-COUNT®-N WITH EDTA CHELATES for maximum fungicidal activity of Copper-Count®-N. Most other types of chelated products have no detrimental effect on Copper-Count®-N fungicidal activity.

Flush out equipment with water until it is clear. Clean strainers and nozzles after each day’s spraying. Add oil to the last flush, or after flushing, to lubricate moving parts and to give longer life by reducing corrosion from water and chemicals.

About fungicides in general

The control of disease with fungicides is based on PREVENTION; plant surfaces must be completely covered with fungicide to successfully prevent infection. Since weather conditions and disease incidence vary, consult your State Agricultural Extension Service for timing and initial applications.

CAUTION—Keep out of reach of children 
Harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion, call physician immediately. May cause irritation to nose and throat. Avoid contact with skin. This product is toxic to fish. Keep out of lakes, streams, or ponds. Do not apply where runoff is likely to occur. Do not apply when weather conditions favor drift from areas treated. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes. Apply this product only as specified on the label.

Condition of sale
Seller’s guarantee shall be limited to contents and merchantability of the product and the terms of the label, and subject thereto the buyer assumes any risks to persons or property arising out of use or handling and accepts the product on these conditions. Because the time, place, rate of application and other conditions of use are beyond Seller’s control, Seller’s liability from storage, handling and use of this product is limited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price. Be certain the crop is shown on the Copper-Count®-N label before use.

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in


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