Hachi-Hachi INSECTICIDE – 0.5 GL




What is Hachi-Hachi Insecticide? Hachi-Hachi Insecticide is a new broad-spectrum insecticide with a unique mode of action, which has shown no cross-resistance to existing insecticides and excellent efficacy on tough insects including thrips and aphids. Research efforts with Hachi-Hachi have been on-going in the United States in the greenhouse ornamental market since 2006 through efforts from SePRO Corporation and IR-4. Results have proven Hachi-Hachi to be a broad-spectrum insecticide and a promising new tool for growers. The active ingredient in Hachi-Hachi is currently registered Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and many other countries. What insects will Hachi-Hachi Insecticide control? Hachi-Hachi is labeled to control: thrips (including Western flower thrips) aphids scale species leafhoppers whiteflies lepidopteran insects.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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