TransFilm Anti-Transpirant 1 Gallon




TransFilm® Anti-Transpirant Protect golf greens from dessication and reduce moisture loss from the leaves of plants and trees! Spray and apply to leaf surfaces to relieve water stress. This coating leaves a thin film of anti-transpirant that creates a water-impermeable layer that reduces moisture loss. TransFilm reduces transpiration, fights winter desiccation, drought, and transplant shock. Don’t pay the cost of replanting trees and turf, protect them! Plants suffer from losing too much water through the leaves or suffer from excessive transpiration year round. This easy-to-use spray complements your water management program, and can increase transplant survival. Held in aquaeous emulsion, for uniform plant coverage and application ease. Other uses include: Prolong snow mold fungicide residual Reduce transplant shock Prevent windburn, sunscald, and salt air damage Extend life of palleted sod Reduce plant water requirements during drought Protect golf greens from winter dessication

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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